Centering Health Equity in Decisionmaking in the United States


Onside Partners and Ang Hadwin are grateful to members of the Health Impact Project team at The Pew Charitable Trusts for their guidance, thought partnership, and support throughout this project: Ruth Lindberg, Emily Bever, and Mimi Majumdar Narayan. Thank you to Julia Caplan and Colin Gutierrez of the State of Equity program at the Public Health Institute for their time and invaluable advice. C.J. Eisenbarth Hager of the Episcopal Health Foundation and Rebecca Morley of Rebecca Morley Consulting offered helpful feedback on draft documents as peer reviewers. Thank you also to the attendees of the Fall 2022 Health in All Policies Convening who workshopped the theories of change.

The following field practitioners and funders served as key informants for the project:

  • Jasneet Bains, Prevention Institute
  • Lili Farhang, Human Impact Partners
  • Roxanne Fulcher, Institute for People, Place, and Possibility
  • Lauren Gase, Colorado Evaluation & Action Lab at the University of Denver
  • David Gaussoin, New Mexico Health Equity Partnership
  • Jody Hoener, Healthy Bourbon County Action Team
  • Bridget Kerner, U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration (for identification purposes only)
  • Tatiana Lin, Kansas Health Institute
  • Keshia Pollack Porter, Department of Health Policy and Management, Johns Hopkins University
  • Hope Roobol, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (for identification purposes only)
  • Pamela Russo, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • Phoebe Seaton, Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability
  • Kim Tieman, Benedum Foundation
  • John Vick, Tennessee Department of Health
  • Sandra Whitehead, SOPHIA/George Washington University
  • Kerry Wyss, Association of State and Territorial Health Officials