Our services

By supporting leaders one-on-one, facilitating group decision-making processes, and conducting high-quality research and analysis, we roll up our sleeves alongside our clients to:

Design and launch new organizations and initiatives

  • Refined and launched a social impact strategy for Eventbrite, focused on tackling social isolation—an enormous public health challenge that only became worse during the pandemic (with ThinkForward Strategies).
  • Guided Mosaic through shaping and activating a national grantmaking initiative for environmental funders and NGOs to collaborate in setting and pursuing shared priorities.

Refine and implement institutional and program strategy

  • Created a plan for the Resources Legacy Fund on how to better align their environmental grantmaking strategy and practice with health equity (with OgilvieLabs).
  • Developed an equity-centered food marketing research agenda for the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Health (with ThinkForward Strategies).

Align diverse stakeholders in pursuit of common agendas

  • Facilitated the re-design of Philadelphia Water Department’s green infrastructure community advisory committee to ensure more inclusive and effective engagement (with re:focus partners).
  • Led the Digital Trust Foundation board of directors – composed of a privacy advocate, a Facebook executive, and a neutral privacy expert – through setting a grantmaking strategy and awarding 40 grants in the digital privacy field.

Research, analyze, and craft innovative policies

  • Identified strategic interventions for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to advance equitable enforcement of civil laws and policies after conducting a comprehensive field scan and systematic analysis (with ThinkForward Strategies).
  • Created healthy eating and active living policy tools and advised grantees of the Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust on their implementation.